Game Rules & Points

How to I score and how can I help my team win? Life keeps score whether I do or not.


My Personal Score

My daily activity log. Success doesn't happen in a day, it happens daily.


My Team Score

When I do my best, it helps my team become better. I'm a team player.

The 90 Day Challenge Lesson

The most recent lesson and action items

Twitter: Share your insights

Individual insights = team momentum

Facebook: Share your experience

The most recent posts on the Facebook Academy Group

Instagram: Share your Photos

A picture says a thousand words

Keep Score of YOUR Game

The scorecard is broken down by action items that build your business. Making contacts, picking up the phone, interviewing candidates, following through, networking, product sales and lots more.

Watch The Weekly Broadcast

Starting on News Years Eve and each Sunday through the end of March, each 90 Day Challenge player can watch and participate in a live broadcast.

The Power of Pursuit

Seek your objective in simple elegant ways. Knock... and expect the 'unexpected.' Be prepared for an unconventional solution.